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PIAA District Twelve


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Joe Stanley

Bodine High School

4th & George Street

Philadelphia, PA. 19123

Phone: 215-351-7072

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Sportsmanship Message:

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PIAA requires all registered sports' officials to enforce the sportsmanship rules for coaches and contestants. Actions meant to demean opposing players, teams, spectators, and officials are not in the highest ideals of interscholastic education and will not be tolerated. Let today's contest reflect mutual respect. Coaches please certify to the referee that your players are legally equipped and uniformed according to NFHS rules. Good luck in today's contest.


To download copies for your games, click here >>> Sportsmanship Message

Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association

PIAA District 12

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Phone (s)


58th & Grays

Philadelphia, PA

School - 215-492-6450

Field - 215-727-2157


11th & Bigler

Philadelphia, PA

School - 215-952-8569

Field - 215-952-6365


15th & Sommerville

Philadelphia, PA

School - 215-276-5352

Field - 215-276-5254


29th & Chalmers

Philadelphia, PA

School - 215-227-4952

Field - 215-229-4418


Hunting Park & W. Front

Philadelphia, PA

School - 215-324-9440

Field - 215-324-9440


Large & Dyre

Philadelphia, PA

School - 215-537-8771

Field - 215-537-2559


29th & Chalmers

Philadelphia, PA

School - 215-299-4662

Field - 215-229-4418


1000 East Sedgwick

Philadelphia, PA

School - 215-951-4079

Field - 215-276-5715


Germantown & Staub

Philadelphia, PA

School - 215-227-8670

Field - 215-456-3009


Stenton & Walnut Lane

Philadelphia, PA

School - 215-276-5673

Field - 215-276-5673


Rowland & Tudor

Philadelphia, PA

School - 215-335-5690

Field - 215-335-5688


Rowland & Tudor

Philadelphia, PA

School - 215-291-4806

Field - 215-335-5688


Glendale & Bleigh

Philadelphia, PA

School - 215-742-4318

Field - 215-728-5021


Front & Ashdale

Philadelphia, PA

School - 215-455-2220

Field - 215-456-3159


Pechin & Hermitage

Philadelphia, PA

School - 215-581-5533

Field - 215-487-4461



Philadelphia, PA

School - 215-684-8975

Field - None


Pechin & Hermitage

Philadelphia, PA

School - 215-487-9266

Field - 215-487-4461

South Philadelphia

11th & Bigler

Philadelphia, PA

School - 215-952-6321

Field - 215-952-6365

University City


Philadelphia, PA

School - 215-387-5100

Field - None


Bustleton & Verree

Philadelphia, PA

School - 215-464-8484

Field - 215-961-2041

West Philadelphia

49th & Spruce

Philadelphia, PA

School - 215-471-6042

Field - 215-474-8178

Officials’ Information

  1. In case of inclement weather, call the school after 12 noon on the day of the game for possible postponement. The A.D. of the home school will ascertain your availability on the re scheduled date. If you’re available, you will work the same game on the rescheduled date. If in doubt contact the Chairman at 215-276-5673.

  2. If, for any reason, you cannot fulfill your assignment, please call the chairman as early as possible to enable a replacement to be found. If you cannot contact the Chairman, please send a replacement, but notify the Chairman of your actions as soon as possible.

  3. Any official that fails to appear for an accepted game will risk cancellation of the remainder of assignments.

  4. Be prompt in reporting for a game. Be on the field, dressed and ready to go thirty minutes prior to game time.

  5. Officials are to wear the National Federation uniform as indicated in the Rulebook. Check your uniform and equipment before leaving home and again at the pre-game Conference. Test your whistle and watch (carry a spare). Have data cards and pencils. Your uniform should be fresh and shoes polished.

  6. Shirts will have the PIAA patch attached to the left sleeve. Knickers will be worn for all games. Shorts are permitted for scrimmages.

  7. In case of player ejection from a game, please notify the Chairman on the following day. Include: the reason for ejection, number of plays, his team and name. Submit the proper disqualification form.

  8. The referee is responsible for calling all members of crew the night prior to the game to confirm their attendance.


Game Details

  1. Varsity and Junior Varsity games will start at 3:00pm during DST in September and October and at 2:30pm during EST in November except when indicated differently on the schedule.

  2. Timing for the Varsity and J.V. games will be identical (12 minute quarters). Cadets will play 10-minute quarters.

  3. The Wilson TD ball will be issued for all games. In Varsity games, the winning team will be awarded the game ball at the end of the game. In case of a tie, the team winning the opening toss will be awarded the ball.

  4. Delay starting a game for maximum of 15 minutes if the designed numbers of officials have not reported by game time.

  5. Allow a team, delayed by transportation, a minimum of 15 minutes to warm up.

  6. The National Federation Rules will apply with the following exceptions:

  1. The 4-minute warning will be eliminated and the following rule substituted: There will be a 2-minute time out, not charged to either team, before the end of the 2nd and 4th quarters.

  2. The clock shall start on the ready to play signal when Team B is awarded a new series or either team is awarded a new series following a legal kick.

  3. Varsity and J.V. players will wear NFHSAA approved shoes.

  4. Pylon markers and 4-point chin straps are mandatory.

  5. All games tied at the end of regulation play, will be decided by the National Federation tiebreaker system as adjusted by the PPHS league.

  6. There is no Uncle rule on the Varsity level.

  7. The Junior Varsity uses the following Uncle rule: J.V. games are suspended when a 30-point differential is reached in the 2nd half. The competition will continue as a controlled scrimmage until 4:30pm.